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Tableau 9.2 – released today! standard

The release of Tableau 9.2 was announced today - check out the link below for all the details: A number of new features will be included - from the announcement: Mobile Satisfy your data addiction with Tableau Mobile. Download our new iOS app today. Tableau Mobile for iPhone Geolocation Faceted Search Tableau is on the iPhone! Use the native app to see and understand your data with a few taps. Off the grid? Get offline snapshots of your favorite vizzes. Mapping Dive deeper into your geographical analysis with new mapping data and formatting options. Mapbox Map Data Map Options Dialog Integration with Mapbox gives you the ability to build gorgeous map backgrounds and add layers and context. Build the map your data deserves. Visual Analytics Answer questions of your data with expanded visual analytics ...

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Acumen Analytics Helps Users Prepare for Tableau 9.0 Release standard

Plymouth Meeting, Pa –February 12, 2015 – Acumen Analytics is helping to prepare the Tableau Community for the Launch of Tableau 9.0 by hosting the Philly Tableau Tableau User Group (TUG) meetings to support this launch. The Tableau Community is made up of users from across the world, from every type of organization, using data analysis to solve nearly every problem imaginable. Connecting with other Tableau users is often the best way to learn fascinating new ways to approach data discovery and analysis and is the reason why Acumen has a long history of helping customers find one another. Below are local events focused on the launch of Tableau 9.0. Hotel Monaco February 18th ...

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Tableau 9.0 advance look – Level of Detail Expressions standard

In our recent Tableau 9.0 Feature Highlights and Overview post (here) we briefly mentioned the Level of Detail calculation features which will be available with the forthcoming Tableau 9.0 release. This week, we'll take a look in a little more detail at some of the new expressions and the capabilities that these features will provide. The basic idea behind the Level of Detail ('LOD') functionality is that you will have the ability to directly define the 'level of detail' or aggregation granularity level at which a particular calculation should be performed. In previous versions of Tableau, you were often constrained by the levels of the Dimensions in use within the View you were working, or you ...

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Tableau 9.0 Feature Highlights/Overview standard

Tableau 9.0 is coming!  The Beta testing program has been in full swing since early January, so we should be expecting the full production release very soon.  Acumen Analytics has been a Tableau Beta Testing partner since 2011, and we are proud to be participating in this program again for the version 9.0 Beta release cycle and production rollout.  New Beta releases have been arriving every week or so, and here at Acumen we’re very excited about many of the brand new features which will debut in 9.0, along with an impressive collection of enhancements and refinements to many of our Tableau favorites.   With the release of Beta 4 a few days ago, things seem to be really coming ...

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