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Tableau Customer Conference 2016 standard

Acumen Analytics at #DATA 16 The 2016 TCC in Austin, TX Acumen President Kathleen Brunner with the Tableau User Group Leaders at #DATA16   #DATA16 - Devs on Stage The "Devs on stage" presentations have become one of the more eagerly anticipated keynotes of the Tableau customer conferences.  These sessions are generally the forum in which Tableau gives attendees a glimpse into the future - a chance to see the features and capabilities that the Tableau Developer teams are working on today that we will expect to see very soon in upcoming releases of Tableau Desktop, Online and Server.  The #Data16 TCC did not disappoint, as a plentiful array of wish-list worthy items in a variety of focus areas were presented by ...

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Tableau 10.1 Beta – more new features! standard

Drill up & down for Date fields Ad-hoc data exploration is one of the areas in which Tableau really shines.  When getting familiar with a new data set or viewing a new dashboard or report, the ability to quickly make adjustments and view a visualization in a number of different ways offers a perspective on the data that is at once simple, powerful and user-friendly.  In the 10.1 Beta, we’ve been given a preview of another new feature to be included in the upcoming release that gives us one more great tool for exploring our data: One-click drill-up and down for date fields.  Let’s take a look… Here’s a basic Area chart showing Sales by Quarter for a handful of Product ...

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Tableau Beta 10.1 – a sneak peek at new features standard

One-click Distribution for items in Layout Containers Here at Acumen Analytics we are regular participants in the Tableau Beta Program, which means that we often get a sneak peek at some of the new features being implemented by Tableau’s development teams prior to the release of new versions. These Beta releases are most often rolled out prior to major version upgrades like the recent 10.0 release, but Tableau has also recently begun previewing some Beta features in more incremental upgrades as well. Tableau’s vibrant user community is one of the platform’s strongest assets, and getting some of these developing tools into the hands of beta testers goes a long way toward ensuring that any bugs or quirky behaviors get identified ...

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Tableau 10 New Features spotlight: Dashboard Sizing, Layout and Device Preview standard

One of the primary struggles for dashboard designers in our world of rapidly proliferating devices is finding ways to make that amazing dashboard you've just created look and function at its best across a variety of desktop, laptop and mobile platforms. Data drives the modern business landscape, and getting important data into the hands of the users that need it when they need it means making your dashboards both available and optimized for all of these formats.  Some new or updated features in Tableau 10 are intended to assist designers and developers in addressing these challenges.  Today we'll be focusing on the Dashboard Sizing, Layout and Device Preview features in Tableau's latest release.  Let's take a look at each ...

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Embedded Analytics: Placing your data resources front and center standard

End user experience is the key to a data-driven culture One of the biggest challenges facing the analysts and data teams within an organization is the struggle to take the wealth of information that an organization’s data resources have to offer and then effectively communicate those insights out to the decision makers and end users throughout the company. Data visualization platforms like Tableau have created outstanding tools that provide a means for complex data to be moved out of the endless database tables and static reports of traditional Business Intelligence platforms and allow that data to be presented more intuitively, interactively and effectively than ever before. However, even the very best visualizations can’t succeed at effectively communicating anything if they ...

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