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Tableau 10.1 Beta – more new features! standard

Drill up & down for Date fields Ad-hoc data exploration is one of the areas in which Tableau really shines.  When getting familiar with a new data set or viewing a new dashboard or report, the ability to quickly make adjustments and view a visualization in a number of different ways offers a perspective on the data that is at once simple, powerful and user-friendly.  In the 10.1 Beta, we’ve been given a preview of another new feature to be included in the upcoming release that gives us one more great tool for exploring our data: One-click drill-up and down for date fields.  Let’s take a look… Here’s a basic Area chart showing Sales by Quarter for a handful of Product ...

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Tableau Beta 10.1 – a sneak peek at new features standard

One-click Distribution for items in Layout Containers Here at Acumen Analytics we are regular participants in the Tableau Beta Program, which means that we often get a sneak peek at some of the new features being implemented by Tableau’s development teams prior to the release of new versions. These Beta releases are most often rolled out prior to major version upgrades like the recent 10.0 release, but Tableau has also recently begun previewing some Beta features in more incremental upgrades as well. Tableau’s vibrant user community is one of the platform’s strongest assets, and getting some of these developing tools into the hands of beta testers goes a long way toward ensuring that any bugs or quirky behaviors get identified ...

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