Acumen Analytics Presents New Product At EtQ User Conference

EtQ 22nd Annual User Conference – 2018

Every year EtQ, the leader in EHS, Operational Risk and Compliance Management software holds its annual user conference where customers have an opportunity to present their ideas and innovations to the entire community. This annual event is designed to address the needs of EtQ customers and is organized with them in mind. The theme of the 2018 conference was “Building the Foundation of Compliance.” It served to optimize the user experience and investment in EtQ products.  This year Acumen Analytics had the privilege of presenting their proprietary advanced reporting and analytics solution, Optimal Insights

In partnership with EtQ Reliance Software, Acumen is helping highly regulated and compliance-driven customers conquer their data. With Optimal Insights, clients achieve rapid insights in Near-Real-Time, optimize reporting and eliminate excel extracts. Optimal Insights saves companies time and money, enabling employees to take action, not build reports. It provides a single version of truth, rapid scale up and audit trail reporting in a simplified manner with zero impact on Reliance. This forward looking approach to data accelerates decision making and increases ROI.

For details on how you can use Optimal Insights to meet your companies data needs, see our brochure.

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