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Tableau Customer Conference 2016 standard

Acumen Analytics at #DATA 16 The 2016 TCC in Austin, TX Acumen President Kathleen Brunner with the Tableau User Group Leaders at #DATA16   #DATA16 - Devs on Stage The "Devs on stage" presentations have become one of the more eagerly anticipated keynotes of the Tableau customer conferences.  These sessions are generally the forum in which Tableau gives attendees a glimpse into the future - a chance to see the features and capabilities that the Tableau Developer teams are working on today that we will expect to see very soon in upcoming releases of Tableau Desktop, Online and Server.  The #Data16 TCC did not disappoint, as a plentiful array of wish-list worthy items in a variety of focus areas were presented by ...

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Tableau 10 New Features spotlight: Dashboard Sizing, Layout and Device Preview standard

One of the primary struggles for dashboard designers in our world of rapidly proliferating devices is finding ways to make that amazing dashboard you've just created look and function at its best across a variety of desktop, laptop and mobile platforms. Data drives the modern business landscape, and getting important data into the hands of the users that need it when they need it means making your dashboards both available and optimized for all of these formats.  Some new or updated features in Tableau 10 are intended to assist designers and developers in addressing these challenges.  Today we'll be focusing on the Dashboard Sizing, Layout and Device Preview features in Tableau's latest release.  Let's take a look at each ...

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Acumen Analytics Helps Users Prepare for Tableau 9.0 Release standard

Plymouth Meeting, Pa –February 12, 2015 – Acumen Analytics is helping to prepare the Tableau Community for the Launch of Tableau 9.0 by hosting the Philly Tableau Tableau User Group (TUG) meetings to support this launch. The Tableau Community is made up of users from across the world, from every type of organization, using data analysis to solve nearly every problem imaginable. Connecting with other Tableau users is often the best way to learn fascinating new ways to approach data discovery and analysis and is the reason why Acumen has a long history of helping customers find one another. Below are local events focused on the launch of Tableau 9.0. Hotel Monaco February 18th ...

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Tableau 9.0 advance look – Level of Detail Expressions standard

In our recent Tableau 9.0 Feature Highlights and Overview post (here) we briefly mentioned the Level of Detail calculation features which will be available with the forthcoming Tableau 9.0 release. This week, we'll take a look in a little more detail at some of the new expressions and the capabilities that these features will provide. The basic idea behind the Level of Detail ('LOD') functionality is that you will have the ability to directly define the 'level of detail' or aggregation granularity level at which a particular calculation should be performed. In previous versions of Tableau, you were often constrained by the levels of the Dimensions in use within the View you were working, or you ...

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