Scattered Data Systems Cause Compliance Headaches

In a response to increasing concerns regarding chemical weapons, and chemical reagents’ impact on the environment plus an inconsistency in the ability to quickly access chemical data across sites, this pharmaceutical client realized that other compliance driven inventories, such as research animal testing, could benefit from a re-examination of related data flows, controls and processes. An additional driver was the need for clear, transparent and easily viewed data for FDA, EPA, USDA and IACUC.

The challenges were myriad and the data sources were numerous. Acumen Analytics quickly saw the value of developing a single data repository for the information. This would give users one access point and much greater accuracy when looking to identify a potential solution for a compliance driven problem. Acumen Analytics reviewed the various data sources that “touched” chemicals inventory and animal inventory. These included vendor data, chemical ordering databases, bidding documents, accounting and financial, laboratory chemical process records, veterinary records, R&D request forms, etc and helped the client scrub the data, driving towards one of the most challenging parts of any project – clean and concise data. Acumen’s interacted with each of the data “owners”, over many months, including procurement department, clinical discovery staff and principal investigative staff, to clearly map the current process for all data tied to the animals and chemicals lifecycle. They made an immediate change to the data entry procedures, so that simple mistakes in data entry were caught, immediately, and data integrity was greatly improved, leading to more accurate analysis.




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