Foster Opportunity  by Linking  Study Data

Improve efficiencies inside R&D’s clinical and discovery process by developing a data mining system which allows access to studies done across an organization, including data from outsourced R&D studies.

BACKGROUND Hundreds of animal studies are conducted annually at this pharmaceutical firm. The goal: to get drugs to market efficiently. This client was hoping to uncover ways to improve their efficiency, to decrease time to results, and to leverage historical data.  With varied outcomes and non-standard output, study data is often relegated to legacy systems, siloed application and various file systems, with potentially valuable information inaccessible to anyone in the company.

In addition, more data was streaming in from external vendors, like Contract Research Organizations (CRO) but in a form often difficult to load into the company’s own systems, and exacerbating the problem of inaccessible data. Rarely did the CROs have the same applications as the pharmaceutical firm, and were unaccustomed to delivering data in the form required by this pharmaceutical client.

SOLUTION Acumen Analytics recognized that one way to improve this client’s efficiency on safety and clinical studies was to give them access to the rich historical, often forgotten data from older studies. As anyone who studies science knows, so often, tremendous strides are made through happenstance, like finding an impurity in a petri dish, applicable as a cure for smallpox! If only, thought Acumen, a solution could be architected, to allow cross-study analysis of subjects, compounds, and results of older study results with current study goals.

For example, if a molecule had not been found suitable for one application, there was still extensive information on how that molecule had reacted and performed, data that could be invaluable to a researcher considering the molecule for another application.

Acumen Analytics took the data from four different systems – toxicology, hematology, pathology, and electronic lab notebooks and designed and built a data repository that could search across studies. The results could then be statistically and visually analyzed. They developed simple processes for entering data in a correct, concise manner, so that searches were accurate and effective across the organization.

In addition, Acumen Analytics worked with the company’s CRO vendors and over a series of many months, assisted the CROs in matching their data output with the specific data requirements of the pharmaceutical company.

Current studies were also integrated, allowing real-time access to ongoing studies (why wait until a study is complete if interesting results are available now) Data is retrievable earlier and with more accuracy than before, allowing the R&D department to analyze and achieve actionable insights from the information.


Foster Opportunity  by Linking  Study Data

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