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Optimize Reporting and Eliminate Excel Extracts

Life Sciences companies not only have a regulatory requirement to track and report on product complaints and adverse events, but also it is a smart business practice to leverage this data. Complaint and Corrective Action data can provide insight for improved operations, regulatory compliance, continuous quality improvement initiatives and product strategy creating competitive advantage and significant ROI.

Complaint systems track documents and workflow typically providing simple out-of-the-box reporting. Many times, organizations need more advanced reporting capabilities and greater insights. But there are challenges getting the data out of these systems in a format that is optimized for reporting. Frequently very large excel extracts are generated to create these more complex reports which can impact the production tracking system. These reports often require manual manipulation of data in spreadsheets which is time consuming and error prone.

Acumen Analytics recognized that the way to improve this client’s reporting efficiency was to give them access to their data in Near-Real-Time for reporting and analysis, in an environment with user friendly terms and optimized performance, eliminating the need for tedious, time consuming Excel extracts and manual data manipulation. The business and regulatory environment demanded intelligent insights in hours, not days.

Acumen Analytics designed and built an optimized advanced reporting repository–a solution that programmatically generates an advanced Data Warehouse and the processes to maintain the data warehouse with little to no impact to the production Reliance installation. This can now be rapidly rolled out on a module-by-module basis or across modules with near real time refreshes of 800,000 plus complaints (forms, sub-forms, sub-sub-forms). Users access the data through a user friendly semantic layer, the interface between the data and the business analyst or information consumer. No SQL or database expertise is needed. Data is referred to in simple terms, like “form,” “sub-form” and “status.”


Optimize Reporting and Eliminate Excel Extracts










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