The release of Tableau 9.2 was announced today – check out the link below for all the details:

A number of new features will be included – from the announcement:


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Tableau Mobile for iPhone
Faceted Search

Tableau is on the iPhone! Use the native app to see and understand your data with a few taps. Off the grid? Get offline snapshots of your favorite vizzes.

Dive deeper into your geographical analysis with new mapping data and formatting options.

Map Data
Map Options Dialog

Integration with Mapbox gives you the ability to build gorgeous map backgrounds and add layers and context. Build the map your data deserves.
Visual Analytics

Answer questions of your data with expanded visual analytics capabilities.

Hierarchical Treemaps
Label Options
Web Authoring
Fix Axis
Recent Colors
Use as Filter

Treemaps now show hierarchical data, by introducing borders around the first level of grouping.
Data Prep

Data can be messy. Clean it up with new data prep enhancements.

Sub-Table Detection
Data Grid Editing
Data Pane

Big time data clean up—in a single click. Automatically detect sub-tables and convert them to connection-friendly tables with Tableau’s Data Interpreter.

Enjoy new authentication, performance, and governance features for your enterprise deployment.

Set Project Permissions
Lock Project Permissions
Toolbar Improvements

Projects now get their own permissions separate from Workbook and Data Source defaults, allowing for more flexible configurations.