Acumen Analytics at #DATA 16

The 2016 TCC in Austin, TX


Acumen President Kathleen Brunner with the Tableau User Group Leaders at #DATA16


#DATA16 – Devs on Stage

The “Devs on stage” presentations have become one of the more eagerly anticipated keynotes of the Tableau customer conferences.  These sessions are generally the forum in which Tableau gives attendees a glimpse into the future – a chance to see the features and capabilities that the Tableau Developer teams are working on today that we will expect to see very soon in upcoming releases of Tableau Desktop, Online and Server.  The #Data16 TCC did not disappoint, as a plentiful array of wish-list worthy items in a variety of focus areas were presented by members of the Dev teams.



Maraki Ketema – Analytics


  • Automatic drill: Zoom in changes level of detail
    • Map scale adjusts automatically
    • Spatial file connector (10.2 beta)
      • Connect to shape files
  • Python Integration
    • Embed Python code in Calculated fields
  • Tooltip Selection
    • Select a categorical field from within a tooltip
  • Filter Presets
    • Set automatic filter updates for current date values
  • Step and Jump Lines
    • Type selector for Line viz type
  • Legend per Measure
    • Individual range and color for different measures in the same viz

Steph Dietzel – Dashboards and Stories


  • Distribute Evenly
  • Margins and Padding
    • For each dashboard object
  • Borders for any dashboard object
  • Expressive Text Control
    • Add in-line images, hyperlinks
  • For any text object: Titles, captions, tooltips, legends
  • Web Authoring
    • Custom Mapbox backgrounds
    • Edit Headers
    • Reference lines
    • Resize
    • Number formatting
  • Storypoints on the Web
    • Story Authoring on the webNavigation style selection
      • Web full screen mode

Britta Nielsen – Tableau Mobile


  • Direct Linking
    • Emails from server contain direct links to viz in-app
  • Smooth tool tips for mobile
    • Small screen optimized pointer
  • Comments in-app
    • Access comments and replies using dedicated in-app screen
  • Offline interactivity –
    • Selections, tooltips, legends and highlighting all work offline
  • Features are being developed in both OS and Android versions


Zaheera Valani – Data prep and access


  • Joins
    • Join on calculation – Use a calculated field to define a Join right in the Data connection screen
    • Drag and Drop to Union Tables from Databases
  • Data Connectors
    • PDF data connector
      • Automatically recognize tables
      • Union and related feature functionality
  • JSON data connector
    • Automatically infer schema using JSON tags and levels


Ben Lower – Dev platforms and APIs


  • Automate workflow
    • Migrate workbooks
    • Server client library
    • Document API
  • Embedding
    • High-res image support in REST API
    • Support for JSON and CORS
  • Web Data connector:
    • Multi Table support
  • getData():
    • 3rd party charting libraries (e.g. D3js)
  • Mobile App bootstrap:
    • Embed Tableau into custom mobile apps